Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Weekend

Justice has had a really busy and fun weekend. Chris, Melissa and Tate came on Friday evening. The adults went out to eat, and Justice and Presley stayed home and played. Saturday morning we watched conference and went to Justice's soccer game. Her team won the game! Emma came home with Justice and they played all day. When the men went to the priesthood session, the girls went shopping. Melissa won a beautiful picture at Bookworms, and Justice bought a "princess" cookbook. Grandma got some new scriptures. After the priesthood session, Justice went with Grandpa and Chris to rope at the Judd's. Sunday morning we watched conference again, and ate breakfast burros. Josh and Kim, (friends from Casa Grande), came and watched the morning session and ate breakfast with us. They also came back for the afternoon session. The rest of our family came about 3pm and we ate pimaladas and cheese crips. Aunt Kim brought some delicious chocolate chip cookies. They were gone speedy-quick. Chris and Melissa are spending one more night and are going home tomorrow and are taking Tate with them.

A year in review

Last year's dance picture. Presley and I got to be in the same class. Our dance was really cool!

Last year I made the all-star soccer team. I love playing soccer. My grandpa says I am really speedy

In June we visited Disneyland. Some of our family got to go with us. Presley and Justice had a lot of fun, but we sure missed Holland.

An experiment

We are starting a blog!! Yea!